After Charlie Sheen's latest Vegas romp (which allegedly included the company of several porn stars) Kirstie Alley has taken it upon herself to chastise the troubled star, telling him via Twitter:

    "CHARLIE have TWO beautiful girls... PERHAPS for the sake of these children, you can decide to QUIT hanging with PORN STARS & HOS"

Although Charlie, who was hospitalized in October after allegedly flying into a drunken rage and threatening porn star Capri Anderson in a New York hotel, probably doesn't appreciate being chastised publicly by the Big Fat Actress, his ex-wife, Denise Richards agrees with Alley.

"That would be a good start," Denise tweeted back. Kirstie responded, "I got your babies backs ... XXoXoX"

And although some followers defended Sheen, according to Alley, "98% of people think FATHERS shagging hookers and porn stars is unsavory."