Today is the day for Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to be release from the Betty Ford Center after completing her 90-day treatment, however her dad Michael is hinting that her stay will be extended (X17online was the first to report the starlet would actually leave rehab a day late).

While appearing on the CBS Early Show this morning, Papa Lohan says:

    "It's going to be soon. I'm not going to say it's today, but it's a very controlled move. She needs all the right elements in place when she gets out and waiting for that to happen and she's being very patient about it. I'm so proud of where she is now and I don't want that to falter. She's really come full turn."

The 24-year-old actress began her stay at the Rancho Mirage clinic back in September. As for how she's currently doing, Lohan adds:

    "She's turned this whole situation around to use this to her advantage and to she has taken the right steps and put the right people back in her life that she had at the best part of her life to really use it as a springboard."

Lohan also opens up about the need for his ex-wife Dina to get on the same page when it comes to Lindsay's future. Michael says, "I'm asking Dina right now, begging her to put our differences aside, to let our children have a good shot at the future and Lindsay have the, you know, close that gap in her life."