PAZ-DE-LA-HUERTA.jpgimage courtesy of Ruven Afanador/O Magazine

The February issue of O Magazine features celebrities chatting about their signature style and fashion icons, and not only does Paz de la Huerta sport a dangerously hot red dress for the spread, but she also poses as a moustached man!

Paz may have been a wee bit sloshed the other night when she was denied entry to the Golden Globes bash at the Chateau Marmont, but she was quite coherent when she sat down for this interview. The Boardwalk Empire starlet reveals that her lucky charm is a necklace which once belonged to her aunt, and when it comes to getting dressed, she believes sexy underwear is the most important part of a lady's wardrobe! "A woman should feel sexy under her clothes. What you wear next to your skin is the basis of a great outfit," she says. Amen, sister!