Courtesy: NBC

Ricky Gervais is breaking his silence on the speculation that his humor so offended the celebrities and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that he was fired half way through the show. On his blog, he writes:

"Obviously the rumour that the organizers stopped me going out on stage for an hour is rubbish. I did every link I was scheduled to do. The reason why the gaps were uneven is because when I got the rundown I was allowed to choose who I presented to. I obviously chose the spots that I had the best gags for."

Additionally, Gervais says in a statement that "Everyone took it well and the atmosphere backstage and at the after show was great."

Of course, celebs like Robert Downey, Jr. did quip that the show was "hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones," and Hugh Hefner responded to Ricky's jabs by tweeting "It's ironic that living with 3 young girls prompted a hit TV show, but marrying one prompts humor. Age is still just a number."

But Ricky insists the controversy has been blown out of proportion.

"Why do people have to embellish? They're allowed to say they hated it. They're allowed to say they didn't find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up? Don't worry, I know the answer. Because it's more interesting than 'it went fine and some people won some awards and then went to a party'. But that's all that happened."

But just in case you don't believe Hollywood can laugh at itself, Gervais offers up this alternative:

"Actually, I see what they mean. Boring. So here's what really happened. Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone started a fight with me but Alec Baldwin and Mark Walberg stepped in and helped me out. That's what happened."

Gervais may have drawn criticism for his performance, but he's also finding some support, from fellow comedian Howie Mandel. When asked about the Sunday night performance, Mandel responded, "He's a comedian, what do you want?!?! ... He's a funny guy."

And 61% of you agree with Howie in X17online's poll, that he could have gone even further with his humor.

So let's hope the HFPA has as much of a sense of humor as the majority of us and he gets asked back next year!