Courtesy: Muse Entertainment Enterprises

What the heck is IN this mini-series?

We have no idea, but after The History Channel AND Showtime have both passed on the now-controversial 8-part movie event, we're literally dying to see what's going on in this thing. Drama!

Kate Holmes, who plays Jackie Kennedy, recently told InStyle mag:

    “I worked as hard as I could, because I loved her. On set there was this feeling that we had to create something very special, because these people were very special. The Kennedy's were like movie stars. There was such a professionalism to their public image."

All this hype has definitely made The Kennedys a must-see TV show, so we can't help wonder who will actually pick it up. HBO is out because they have their own Kennedy project in development. There are still many untapped networks that might just jump at the chance ... especially now that viewers' interest has skyrocketed.

The miniseries’ director revealed to the Canadian Press newswire: “The actual product takes no political stance one way or the other”.

We want to see the drama so we can make our own conclusion!