He's already lost his driver's license, and now X17 has exclusively learned Jermaine Jackson's passport has also been confiscated, leaving him stranded in Africa with no way back to the US ... unless he forks over $91,921 in unpaid child support.

The singer's passport was recovered by immigration authorities in Burkina Faso at the request of the US after officials noticed he'd left the country, headed in that direction. To make matters worse, the passport was expired at the US won't renew it until he pays his baby mama the money he owes.

To recap: Jermaine married Alejandra after she already dated and had two children with Jermaine's brother, Randy. Jermaine and Alejandra then wed and had two kids, and no one seems to want to pay for them. Katherine can't foot the bill any longer, so Alejandra has reportedly threatened to write a tell-all book about the Jackson's, since she and her kids have been recently evicted from the Encino compound.

A source close to the situation tells X17online exclusively:

    "She is threatening to expose the family with her tell-all book, but there's nothing she knows that's not out there already. What is she going to write about, sleeping with two of the Jackson brothers? She's had a free ride for 18 years and everyone’s been good to her. By writing this book, she'll only make herself look bad."

We've also learned Katherine Jackson tried very hard to organize a new living space for Alejandra before she was kicked out, but the baby mama turned her nose up at the spread. Our source tells us:

    "Katherine worked so hard picking out furniture for the condo she arranged for Alejandra and her grandchildren. She loves her grandchildren and she doesn’t want to put them thorough this. She had the condo all set up, and Alejandra was going to receive $3000 a month from the estate to help her out, but the condo wasn't good enough. She told Katherine it was too small and she didn't want to live there. She wants to stay in the Encino home. She's put up such a fight, eviction papers had to be served or she'd never leave. Now she has no condo, no monthly payout, and she's on her own. We think she took an advance for her tell-all book from a publishing company, so she could get some quick cash for a new place to live."

Here's an idea for Jermaine: sell the Rolls Royce Phantom! You'll be back to the US in time to catch up with the rest of your brother's preliminary hearing.