Since filing for divorce, Ashlee Simpson has been crashing with her family, but now she's ready to move out and move on to a place of her own.

Ashlee has been house-hunting in Beverly Hills for a home for her and Bronx. Ashlee stopped by one Spanish pad, a modest two-bedroom 2100 square foot home in the hills that boasts two bedrooms plus an office, 14' ceilings, an expansive patio with an outdoor kitchen and comes at a bargain price of only $1,395,000 (the home she shared with Pete was $4.5 million.)

A plus for Ashlee -- the home is very near Coldwater Park, where we've frequently spotted the former family taking their young son, Bronx. It's also close to sister Jessica in case Ashlee gets lonely.

Ashlee filed for divorce from her husband of just under four years on February 9th. Citing irreconcilable differences, Ashlee is asking for primary physical custody of her son Bronx, 2, while Pete Wentz is seeking joint custody.