streisand230W.jpg Barbra Streisand chatted with Entertainment Tonight on Friday when she was honored at the Grammy’s Musicares event in Los Angeles, and she talked about everything from Glee to politics.

Though Streisand says Lea Michele is "pretty good" and she doesn't seem to have a problem with the show's cover of her tune "Funny Girl", she reveals that she won't be making a special appearance anytime soon. “Not if I can help it,” Barbra replied when asked if she'd make a cameo. “I have seen some of the episodes. My niece, my young niece, saw ‘Funny Girl’ on DVD and said, ‘How come you’re singing so many songs from ‘Glee’?’”

Streisand didn't comment on whether she would be active in President Obama’s re-election campaign, but when asked how she felt about Sarah Palin’s possible bid for office, she quipped, “I wouldn’t be encouraged if I heard Sarah Palin’s going to run.” Burn! At least Lea Michele got some praise from the 68-year-old singer.