jillianmichaelsadopt.jpgThe tough-as-nails trainer for The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels has already announced she was leaving the hit show at the end of season 11 to start a family, and now it seems like the wheels are already in motion for her to adopt a child from Africa.

Of the complicated adoption process, Michaels said, “I’ve completed all of my paperwork; I’ve had all my physicals; I’ve been checked by the FBI – you have no idea!" The trainer went on to tell Access Hollywood, “Now I wait for a referral. That could be anywhere from six months to a year. I’m in a pilot program for the Democratic Republic of Congo so we’ll see."

Michaels said that she's going to be taking the next year off to concentrate on her quest to become a mother. “I’d like to take a year off of television and really focus on ... that and hopefully becoming a mother in the next year and putting all my energy into that for awhile." But Jillian won't be taking a permanent vacation from the cameras, because she hopes to go "back to TV later in 2012.”

As for whether she'd prefer a boy or girl, Michaels said, "I’m 36! Do you hear the clock? It doesn’t matter!”