gqchanningshirtless460.jpgNathaniel Goldberg/GQ

channinggqsexy230.jpg Channing Tatum covers the All-American Style Issue of GQ magazine, and the former stripper looks ab-solutely delicious in this sexy shot!

Tatum, who stars in The Eagle, talks about doing his own stunts, noting that this film was a big step up from his previous work -- literally! “You know when someone is so nervous about something, it makes you doubt yourself? Like on Step Up, I was going to do this backflip off the car. That’s something I do, like, all the time. I just do backflips off things," he says. "By the time it was time to do it, I was, like, shaking, because everyone was all, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ But then I did it, and it was fine.”

So what does he have to say about his past stunts, like stripping? “I had wanted to tell people. I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t regret one thing. I’m not a person who hides sh*t.”