Hmm, and is Lindsay herself going to see any of that money? According to Sam's now infamous Tweet, the Mean Girls actress didn't even know her mother was going to be interviewed!

Dina Lohan sat down for a Lindsay-focused chat on Good Morning America this past Friday, and the NY Post reports that Lindsay's mom received $15,000 from ABC News for her interviews on GMA and 20/20.

Technically, the payment was for licensing family photos of Lindsay - see for yourself in the GMA interview above.

"We did pay a license fee. We did pay a market-rate license fee for those images, and that was transparent to our audience," confirms an ABC News rep.

According to the Post, this tactic is "used by news agencies who can't legitimately pay for interviews with subjects who refuse to appear without a fee."

But what did Dina say in response to the claims? "I have no idea what you are talking about it. Where do you get your information? Most people are nice to me that call me on the phone," she said.