georgeelisabetta.jpgRoberto Cavalli

Elisabeth Canalis, best known for being George Clooney's hot girlfriend, is stripping down to her undies for Robert Cavalli's latest underwear campaign.

The 32-year-old actress and model was hand-chosen by the designer to be featured in the sexy ad. Cavalli said the following about Canalis:

    "For my new underwear collection I chose Elisabetta again, my ideal of a woman: charm, charisma and sensuality, united together. With her Mediterranean beauty and intense gaze she’s interpreted an intriguing and super-feminine woman."

George and Elisabetta have been dating since 2009. As for whether Clooney will tie the knot again, the handsome actor recently told Piers Morgan, "I was married, so I gave it a shot. That ought to prove how good at it I was."

Guess she won't be Elisabetta Clooney anytime soon.

See George and Elisabetta enjoying one of their hobbies after the jump ...