That's probably what it cost FOX to produce a Michael Jackson/Katy Perry/Destiny's Child-infused Glee phenomenon set to air right after the Super Bowl.

A video was just released of one of our fave Gleeks, Darren Criss, belting out an a cappella version of Bills, Bills, Bills from the upcoming special, which will probably hit iTunes ASAP because it's that good.

We love the way Glee has the power to totally re-vamp a song, and make a #1 iTunes hit overnight. The top 5 biggest selling Glee renditions to date were recently ranked by THR, and this is what they came up with:

    # 1 Don't Stop Believin' - 1.1 million downloads

    # 2 Forget You - 466,000

    # 3 Teenage Dream - 407,000

    # 4 Halo/Walking On Sunshine - 332,000

    # 5 Somebody To Love - 331,000

Yea, we've definitely downloaded four out of five of those tracks.

Check out the rest of songs the Glee cast will sing for the Super Bowl special, after the jump!