CBS chief Les Moonves is apparently pursuing John Stamos to replace Charlie Sheen on his hit comedy, Two and a Half Men.

Stamos previously denied reports that he would be replacing Sheen on the show last week, tweeting, "Contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and half men."

But Stamos and Moonves had a long chat on Saturday about replacing Sheen after the network shut down production "based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition," reports E!

Sources say that the two first talked Friday night at Jeffrey Katzenberg's party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

They were at the bar talking and Les asked John if he'd be interested in replacing Charlie," says the source. "It wouldn't be to play Charlie's character but they talked more about introducing a new character."

Stamos initially found success on the ABC series Full House. He was most recently a series regular on ER, and has made several guest appearances on Glee, playing Jemma Mays' dentist hubby.

But where did John actually get his big break?