You should know better than to say something like that, Johnny Depp! Has your being named the world's "Sexiest Man Alive" on multiple magazine covers meant nothing?

Mr. Depp opened up to The Sun on how he views his gorgeous self in the morning, and it’s definitely a far cry from what millions of ladies see. Depp confesses:

    "It's a complete mystery for me. The attention is strange. I wake up and have to look at that head when I brush my teeth and it is often unpleasant."

Come on Johnny! Even with massive amounts of guy-liner and dreads, à la Captain Jack Sparrow, the world still thinks you're beyond sexy. And we bet your lucky girlfriend/baby mama, French actress/model Vanessa Paradis agrees with us.

But one thing he does feel confident about? Fatherhood. The Alice In Wonderland star goes on to say:

    "In terms of being a dad, in terms of being a pop, that's exactly who I am. But, in the context of the world that I work in, I'm still sort of figuring it out."

How much fun would it be to have Depp as your dad?

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