jbieberpic230WM.jpgJustin Bieber is moving on from his little boy image of being just a teen sensation.

Young Biebs will be showing off his rap skills in the upcoming song Won't Stop ... a track off his buddy Sean Kingston's new effort, King of Kingz.

In the song, JB raps:

    "I see them coming/ They try to bring me down/ But I won't stop/ They want me in the ground/ But I won't stop/ 'Til I'm dead, I won't stop.

    Yeah they talk, yeah they talk/ They don't walk the walk I walk/ I won't stop 'til I drop, until then I reach the top

    I'mma walk to where I need to be, walk the path of destiny/ Definitely been neglected but God is always testing me/ Rest in peace to all the men that died who were protecting me/ People in this world just want to let it be/ John Lennon made it different/ Don't just let it be, set it free."

Way to sound hard, Biebs. Also featured on Kingston's album ... Flo Rida, Akon and B.o.B.

This isn't the first time Bieber and Kingston have teamed up. Check out their first collaboration after the jump ...