Katy Perry concert italy costumes singer Mr. Paparazzi

Katy Perry performed at the Assago Forum in Milan, Italy as part of her California Dreams tour last night, and we're not sure how much glue she used to keep these cupcakes in place, but this is a deliciously awesome costume!

After giving it her all onstage, Katy headed to the Plastic Disco in Milan, and it looks like she still had plenty of energy to spare! The pop superstar posed for a bunch of pictures with fans, and before her concert she tweeted, "MILANO! TONIGHT... I WHIP MY HAIR BACK N FORTH! WHO'S DOIN IT WITH ME?! #MILANODREAMS". Love that shout out to Willow Smith!

Katy Perry concert italy costumes singer dress

Click after the jump to see the hickey bruise we spotted on Katy ... we're not sure if we can blame Russell for this one!