Lindsay Lohan confused a great many followers when she posted a Twitpic of herself and Kanye West at a dinner party for designer Giuseppe Zanotti, immediately after she left the courthouse Wednesday.

While the world tried to speculate what exactly the Twitpic meant, a temperamental BlackBerry glitch was the real culprit behind the posting of this random pic.

La Lohan took to her Twitter Friday to explain the Kanye photo, and insists she's taking her situation seriously.

Lindsay explains:

    "The photo of me and kanye was already on my phone and when i re-booted my phone it just sent when i signed onto my twitter acct... blame blackberry! i deleted it immediately, because that's very FAR from what i was thinking all day. sorry for the confusion everyone.... this is not a joke to me."

Those darn phones! We're really glad she's cleared this up, because news networks all over the country (us included) have been trying to decipher it's meaning since Wednesday.

Let's hope no more personal photos accidentally turn up on your Twitter, Linds!

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