lindsaychris460.jpgChris photo courtesy of ABC

After a very brief stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night after the Oscars, Lindsay Lohan is proving that she's ready to get back on the big screen, and sources tell us she'll be starring alongside 90210's Chris Zylka for her next project.

The movie, entitled Escaping The Game, is in final negotiations with production scheduled for June, according to the film's producer Nathan Folks.

After rumors began that Lilo and Chris were a couple, Folks tells X17online exclusively, "It's true Lindsay Lohan and Chris Zylka have become great friends but nothing more than that for sure. Chris has a girlfriend."

Lindsay's character (Virginia) and Chris' character do get romantically involved on screen. As for the two working together, Folks says:

    "Chris and Lindsay are excited about the new film they are starring in together and they do have a romantic role together on screen. Other hopes for the film are Helen Mirren and maybe even a role for Justin Bieber."

Justin Bieber? Whoa! We're told Escaping The Game is about celebrities that make it famous very quickly and can't handle every day life. As a result, they must fake their death to move and live on a hidden Island along with other celebrities that have faked their death in the past.

As for which celebrities will be on this island, Folks adds:

    "Tupac and Notorious B.I.G are recording on the island, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis seem to living quite well too. Princess Diana and people you would never expect are still alive! So you can imagine how perfect it would be for Justin Bieber!"

Sounds like a party! But is this the best career move for Lohan? The actress is currently without an official agent - X17online put in calls to both CAA and WME, and both agencies deny representing her.

Aside from co-starring with Linds, Zylka has a busy upcoming movie schedule. Find out which superhero flick he has signed onto ... after the jump.