lindsaysuperhaha.jpgWhen we found out British hunk Henry Cavill was tapped to play Clark Kent in the latest reboot of the Superman franchise, we knew it was only a matter of time before Lindsay Lohan's name was flung around as a potential Lois Lane. Now, it looks like Lindsay's people are working hard to make sure the 24-year-old starlet snags some sort of a role in the film, and while she wouldn't be playing Ms. Lane, she would be a major character in the motion picture.

Lindsay is reportedly meeting with producers soon, but she's concerned that her latest legal scandal could screw everything up. As you know, Lindsay is facing possible felony charges for the theft of a necklace last month at a jewelry store in Venice, though she insists that she's innocent.

A source tells X17online exclusively that one of the main reasons Lindsay wants to get involved with this project is because she's had a crush on Cavill ever since she started watching the Showtime series The Tudors, and she wants to strike something up with him. Our source adds, "She talks to her friends about hooking up with him all of the time. She doesn't even care if she doesn't get a lead role."

Is this an obsession that has become unhealthy? And should Henry be scared?