These divas love fashion, but for the sake of PETA, the gorgeous threesome are committed to being fur-free and fabulous!

With the Grammy Awards just weeks away, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are putting Mariah, Pink and Lady Gaga in the spotlight on a billboard campaign to promote their fur-free cause.

PETA released the following:

    "These musical powerhouses have good reason to shun fur—every fur coat, vest, hat, or fur-trimmed accessory causes animals an immeasurable amount of suffering and ends their life. Foxes, minks, rabbits—even dogs and cats—are bludgeoned, stomped, electrocuted, and gassed to death, and many are skinned while still alive."

This billboard certainly hits a high note, however in the past, both Mariah and Gaga haven't been too conscious of wearing fur-free and animal-friendly clothing. Guess they're singing a new tune.