Oksana Grigorieva's court drama with Mel Gibson over the custody of daughter Lucia has taken another turn ... due to a leaked email she had sent to her lawyer where she admitted to rejecting a $15 million settlement from Gibson to "see where the chips may fall" in court.

Various online reports say Grigorieva, 40, had originally agreed to $15 million, but later pulled out of the agreement. In addition, Lucia's mom admitted that she'd only agree to the settlement if Gibson, 55, was denied all custodial rights to the 16-month-old little girl.

Gibson is just days away from finding out whether the Los Angeles District Attorney will charge him with domestic violence. As for Oksana, she's waiting to hear whether she'll be charged with extortion.

Grigorieva's attorney, Eric George, is now going after the Russian singer for unpaid legal fees. Gibson's legal team have stuck to their story claiming Oksana released the infamous screaming tapes as "leverage" to get more money from the actor.

Mel has been absent from the big screen for quite awhile, but will soon star in The Beaver. Find out when the movie gnaws its way into theaters ... after the jump.