Michael Lohan says he wants the entire family to be there for his daughter Lindsay while she goes through this felony grand theft case, however an incident yesterday at the courthouse involving his ex Dina has him fired up.

Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "When Dina left the courtroom and we were getting on the elevator, when she was told by Lindsay and by myself to try to be decent about things, right away she had to pull out her ridiculous order of protection card and say she didn't want me on the elevator with them."

When asked whether he thinks the family will come together for Lilo's sake, he adds:

    "I've been begging Dina to come together. My hands have been out, my arms have been open. I've been trying to get on the same page. I don't know what she can't get past. First it's money and support. I give her money and support ... if it's not one thing, it's another. It's just a never ending story."

Lindsay's dad also discusses how he's trying to prove his daughter's innocence with this jewelry case. Listen to what he has to say!

Read one of Michael's tweets to his daughter ... after the jump.