These two have been feuding ever since Katie Price claimed David Beckham had the hots for her back in the day, which then prompted Victoria to sing Who Let The Dogs Out? when Price turned up at a party VB was also attending. Loves.

To prevent a cat-fight, when Mrs. Beckham found out Price, aka Jordan, would be riding in first class on the very same Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to LAX, the sexy soccer mom changed her flight asap to avoid confrontation and attention, according to The Mirror.

So how did Victoria find out Price was on her flight? Her nemesis Tweeted it for the world to see, revealing:

    "I can't believe she's [Victoria] on the same flight. I hope she's friendly."

It took approximately half an hour for the pregnant Beckham to switch her ride to an Air New Zealand first class spot. After Price realized Posh wouldn't turn up, she then Tweeted:

    "Taking off, people saying victoria on flight, this is not true, tweet soonx."

It was probably for the best Victoria switched. It's always good to avoid drama when you're preg, and we wouldn't want her getting all upset over something as silly as Katie Price.

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