randyjackson230WM.jpgKenny Ortega is no longer named in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson, but Michael's younger brother Randy isn't offering an olive branch to the This Is It choreographer.

In a statement, Randy says:

    "My mother's a very kind and sweet woman, however the Jackson family as a whole does NOT extend any sort of an apology to Kenny Ortega. In their obsession to get the show out, it appears Kenny & AEG didn’t care about my brother’s health & they didn’t inform the family at times driving my brother to tears.

    Michael would still be here had they informed his family of the situation. More facts will come out."

Just yesterday, Katherine's attorney released a statement claiming the family "determined that Mr. Ortega should not be a defendant."

Boyle added, "The Jackson Family apologizes for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused Mr. Ortega."