spears25things.jpg Britney Spears recently chatted with Us Weekly about her new album Femme Fatale, and as surprise for her fans, the pop princess shared some fun facts with the mag.

Well, we figured her closet was overflowing with purses and clothes, but who knew she was such a chocoholic?

Britney says:

    1. My favorite ice cream is orange sherbet.

    2. I take two baths a day.

    3. I love chewing ice.

    4. I make a mean fake dinosaur when playing with the two loves of my life, Sean, 5, and Jayden, 4.

    5. My favorite flowers are white lilies.

    6. I'm a huge fan of animated films.

    7. I can eat chocolate morning, noon and night.

    8. I love boutique shopping.

    9. I have more than 50 purses in my closet.

    10. I have more than 50 jackets in my closet.

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