beyoncenewperfumecopyredoad.jpgBeyonce smolders in the new ad for her second fragrance Heat Rush ... the follow up scent to her mega-successful perfume Heat.

When asked about the difference between the two fragrances, the 29-year-old singer tells Teen Vogue:

    “Heat is a spicier scent and is bursting with the Red Vanilla Orchid. Heat Rush is fresher and lighter and the Yellow Tiger Orchid is the top note in the fragrance. I love them both for different reasons but they both feature my favorite flower, which is the orchid.”

Jay-Z's wife has made sure to keep her hubby in the loop during the creative process for the fragrance.

As for whether the rapping mogul prefers B's Heat Rush scent or the original Heat, she adds, “They are both approved by him!” Makes scents!

See the smoking hot ad from Beyonce's original scent ... after the jump.