Brittany Snow is looking darn fine in her undies! No wonder she's Maxim's newest cover girl!

The Hairspray star takes it (almost) all off for the April issue, and she opens up about how challenging it was to pose for the sexy shoot.

Snow reveals:

    "It’s funny, because I’ve never done anything like this before so the whole experience was a big step for me. But it was cool. I felt really comfortable and had a great time."

But despite the smokin' hot pics, Snow doesn't think she's sexy. The actress expresses:

    "Oh, hell no! It’s weird. I’ve read in magazines where someone like Jessica Alba says, "I’m not a sex symbol. I don’t even think I’m sexy!” I’m like, Oh, my God, girl, you’re kidding. I mean I hate to sound like the stereotypical actress, but if I’m gonna be honest…I really don’t think I am. But it’s nice when other people think so!"

Snow was ranked #93 on Maxim's Hot 100 list of 2008, so after this photo spread, we bet she'll climb the 2011 list pretty quick.

Check out another sexy Maxim shot of Brittany, after the jump ...