charliekisseskimmel.jpgJimmy Kimmel/ABC

Men everywhere have dreamed of this moment -- getting a big, wet kiss from Charlie Sheen ... NOT!

Unfortunately for late show host Jimmy Kimmel, he got just that last night when Charlie made a "surprise" appearance on the show during an interview with HDNet owner Mark Cuban.

Sheen is reported to be in talks for his own show on the network (one of the three networks reportedly chatting with the fallen actor for his own talk show).

Sheen took the opportunity to promote his new t-shirts with his famous slogans about tiger's blood and "winning." He then told the audience he had to leave to write his show, referring to his upcoming stage tour which will see him on an empty stage with nothing but a stool, a microphone and a bottle of water, according to reports.

Check out Charlie's tornado-like appearance ...