After David Arquette's scary head-on collision yesterday, which resulted in the actor being rushed to the hospital (not to mention major damage to his Cadillac), David Arquette revealed that he wasn't even wearing his seatbelt during the crash.

Last night, Arquette tweeted:

    "Remember to wear your seatbelt -- wish I was."

Not buckling up is a crime in California, punishable by an $88 fine for a first offense.

Arquette also said that the woman he hit wasn't injured, and that he was able to maintain his sobriety despite being offered pain meds in the hospital.

    "Refused all pain medication, Arquette tweeted. "May the record state- still sober!"

David was on his way to the airport to catch a plane to Vegas, where he was to attend the opening of his pal's new restaurant, The Sugar Factory. David veered into oncoming traffic when he tried to avoid a car that stopped suddenly in front of him, colliding with an SUV.

Check out our photos of the aftermath of the crash in the gallery below...