Dina Lohan fears for any women involved with her ex Michael Lohan, according to a source.

Online reports claim Kate Major, who alleges she was abused by Michael Lohan, has been reaching out to both Dina and Lindsay for support. We've learned those reports are false.

A source close to the Lohan family tells X17online exclusively:

    "Dina has not been contacted in any way by Kate Major. Kate hasn't called Lindsay either. That is a complete lie put out there by Dina's ex Michael Lohan. Frankly, Dina thinks Kate's life is in danger because Lindsay's dad is a total lunatic. Dina knows what it's like to be abused by that man, and she sees the same cycle happening with Kate and all the other women he's been hanging around lately. She thinks he is dangerous and will continue to spiral out of control while the world is watching."

As for Michael's relationship with Lindsay, the source adds:

    "Lindsay has nothing to do with Michael. The only time she tried to meet up with him was when Betty Ford asked her to. Lindsay grew up watching the abuse he inflicted on her mom and saw how scary that was. In the past she's been agreeing to things her dad asked for and hoping that he'd just go away after she appeases him. He didn't go away. But now she's scared of him and wants him no where near her. If it gets any worse, she may have to get a restraining order against him. She's thinking about it."

The source tells us Dina and eight other people currently have orders of protection against Mr. Lohan. Calls to Dina Lohan were not returned.