timberlake110809_01_split.jpgAfter dating for four years, Justin Timberlake, 30, and Jessica Biel, 29, have decided to call it quits.

In a joint statement, reps for the couple said:

    "Addressing the media speculation regarding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s relationship, we are confirming that they mutually have decided to part ways. The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other."

The couple have been the target of many breakup rumors over the years -- most recently when Timberlake was reported to have cheated on Biel with actress Olivia Munn. Before that, the two were said to have split in 2009 but were spotted soon after vacationing together.

Biel gushed to Vogue last year, about her relationship with Timberlake: "I don't feel the need to clear anything up. It's the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don't care about what anyone says or thinks. I have just not addressed it in any real way, and I'm not going to. It's mine. And I really like that about it."