katemiddleton230WM.jpgDespite reports Kate Middleton has chosen to wear Alexander McQueen down the aisle for her upcoming wedding to Prince William on April 29, the fashion house is denying it.

Various online reports claimed the fashion house's creative director Sarah Burton will be designing the royal gown.

Burton tell Vogue.com, "I am not doing it." McQueen's CEO, Jonathan Akeroyd added, "No, not at all. I'm the CEO, I would know if we were doing it."

Many believe Burton may be denying the reports in order to keep Middleton's secret as to who is the official dress designer.

No doubt, if Burton is indeed designing the gown, she's more than qualified. She trained under Alexander McQueen for 14 years!

Can't wait to see Kate's dress selection.

Find out who Sarah Burton has designed dresses for in the past ... after the jump.