keshamtv110710_13_X17WM230.jpgKe$ha is teaming up with LifeStyles condoms to promote safe sex on her latest tour, but don't expect to see her face on the actual condom wrapper ... which is what has been widely reported.

The company tells us they won't be putting the Blow singer's mug on the wrapper because "We don't want to damage the actual product."

Tammy McGriff, Quality Assurance Manager for Lifestyles parent company Ansell, reveals to X17online exclusively:

    "It's true. We are working with Ke$ha for her entire tour with the exception of her Australia concert. Her photo will not be on the actual condom wrapper. That report is incorrect. Ke$ha's picture will be placed on a matchbox-like folder ... and the wrapped condom will go inside. We're packaging the product now."

McGriff says this isn't the first musical artist they've worked with. She tells us their collaboration with 50 Cent was very successful and "brought them great press."

Sex sells, but celebs on condom packaging sells even more!

Here what Ke$ha told Billboard magazine about her customized rubbers ... after the jump.