LLohanBeaut230.jpgLindsay Lohan's lawyer is working overtime to help her client avoid some serious jail time in her felony grand theft case.

Shawn Chapman Holley and DA Danette Meyers, who is dead set on sending Lohan to jail for 6 months, will meet with Judge Keith Schwartz in his chamber next week. Lohan's lawyer will try to work out a plea deal in the felony case, according to TMZ.

Holley will ask Judge Schwartz which sentence Lindsay would most likely receive if she pleads guilty, or no contest. If Lohan is sentenced to 3 months, she will probably only serve around 18 days due to overcrowding.

Lucky for Lohan, Schwartz is known as a settlement judge, so a plea bargain could work in her favor. Either way, the troubled starlet will serve some jail time … again.