madonnamalawischool.jpgMadonna has been forced to cancel her plans for a school for girls in Malawi after she reportedly was unable to raise most of the $15 million she needed for the project.

Madonna had already spent $3.8 million on the project, which was supposed to erect a school for impoverished girls in the country from where she adopted two of her children, David, 6, and Mercy, also 6.

“A thoughtful decision has been made to discontinue plans for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, as it was originally conceived,” Michael Berg the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and the co-founder of Raising Malawi, said Thursday in an e-mail to contributing members of the project, reports the NY Times.

The school had been plagued with financial problems after it was determined that the foundation had already spent $3.8 million on architects, design, salaries and cars for two employees who had not even been hired yet.

Madonna issued a statement Thursday saying “There’s a real education crisis in Malawi. Sixty-seven percent of girls don’t go to secondary school, and this is simply unacceptable. Our team is going to work hard to address this in every way we can.”