The drama between Kate Major and Michael Lohan continues to unfold just days after Lindsay's dad was charged with domestic violence.

A source tells X17online exclusively:

    "Everyone has to stop believing this man's bullsh*t. The man needs a lot of help. Kate was invited on Celebrity Rehab because no one else would visit Michael. And he was begging her to go and his mom and his aunt."

As for the alleged physical fight between the couple, the source adds:

    "Kate's lawyers are handling everything. She doesn't want to stoop to Michael's level and talk about that night. Michael went crazy -- he started slicing his wrists, saying that if Kate went to the cops, he'd say she did it to him. Kate was frantic; she didn't know what to do. She was terrified and that's why she knew she had to press charges and take him to court for this because she fears for her safety."

Our source goes on to say:

    "Michael being hospitalized was totally fake. He went in for 'chest pains' to avoid spending time in jail. They said they couldn't refuse him medical attention but he's a liar. Meanwhile, he's texting everybody from his hospital bed."

Lohan is due in court for his arraignment on May 23.