Kate Major wasn't originally going to be part of this season's Celebrity Rehab, however Michael Lohan says she forced her way on to the set during taping, and as a result, will most likely be featured in several episodes.

Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "While I was taping Celebrity Rehab, and getting the help I needed for my co-dependency issues, Kate showed up under the influence. Staffers had to tell her it wasn't a good idea for her to be there. I walked up to Kate and told her she needed to go back to her family and fix the problems she has with her dad. This was all captured by Dr. Drew's cameramen."

Lohan adds that Dr. Drew tried to convince Kate to enter rehab, but she wouldn't take his advice.

Earlier today, Michael opened up about the domestic violence charge he's currently facing. He told us Kate made up the entire story because "she wants money and she's jealous of the women in my life."

Calls to Kate Major have not been returned. Lohan is due in court for his arraignment on May 23.

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