Miley Cyrus is determined to shed her Hannah Montana good girl image, and with cell phone photos like these, she's doing just that.

While sitting on a director's chair during the filming of the video for "Who Owns My Heart," a heavily made up Miley licks her lips while wearing panties and a revealing black bra.

This provocative look is very similar to the mesh leotard black outfit she wore to the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto last year.

The 18-year-old wild child has had a rough couple of months in the spotlight. Last October, her father Billy Ray Cyrus and mom Tish announced their split. Then in December, the former Disney star was snapped smoking salvia from a bong.

Then, just in the past two days, the teen star fought with a photographers -- on Tuesday Cyrus went ballistic on a paparazzo she claimed hit her mom ... and again yesterday, Miley went off on a videographer who got too close for comfort.

See Miley's sexy video for "Who Owns My Heart" ... after the jump.