nataliehighness.jpgAnd it looks like the Academy Award winner is flaunting a bit of cleavage in the ad!

Natalie Portman just won an Oscar for playing a high-strung, mentally deranged ballet dancer in Black Swan, and already she has three new movies coming out in 2011!

No Strings Attached, a rom-com co-starring Ashton Kutcher, made a splash at theaters in January and the action flick Thor arrives in May.

But now new character posters have come out for adventure-comedy Your Highness, starring Portman, Danny McBride and fellow Oscar nominee James Franco.

We kinda love that 29-year-old Natalie shows off her sexy side in the ad, along with the tagline, "Natalie Portman is mighty fine."

The Hollywood starlet is currently preggers with fiance Benjamin Millepied's baby and is expected to give birth sometime this spring.