Angelina Jolie sported a new tattoo today in Tunisia, an added line to the coordinates of her six children's birthplace, sparking rumors that she and Brad Pitt have adopted another baby!

The only number that can be made out is 35 degrees north, which some reports speculated meant she and Pitt had adopted a baby in Algeria.

But that particular coordinate also applies to Tunisia (where Angelina sparked a near riot when visiting a refugee camp), Greece, Afghanistan, Japan and ... Oklahoma -- birthplace of Brad Pitt!

A source tells In Touch that the tattoo, which "signifies family" is indeed the coordinates of Papa Pitt's birthplace in the states. “She got the seventh line right around the time she and Brad moved the kids back to LA," says the source. A tattoo is pretty serious (although not permanent, since she had a "Billy Bob" tatt removed in the same location.) Does this mean Angie and Brad are finally ready to tie the knot?