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Beyonce Knowles and her hubby Jay-Z are currently in Paris, where the couple celebrated Easter with a brunch at at Fouquet’s, but they could be jetting over to London at the end of the week to perform at the royal wedding!

”Both William and Kate are massive fans of Beyonce and Jay-Z," a source tells The Daily Star. "They really wanted to make their big day even more special and what better way than by getting pop royalty to perform at the party?”

But don't expect Kate to toss the bouquet as Beyonce sings Single Ladies live.

If the famous couple does perform, it won't be as part of the formal ceremony. "Will and Kate will have an official reception for hundreds of dignitaries before throwing a less formal bash for loved-ones."

The source added that it's "highly likely" the couple will perform. "Who would turn down a once-in-a-lifetime gig like that?”