Brad Pitt attended the wedding of his business partner Brad Grey and Grey's bride Cassandra Huysentruyt Saturday in Beverly Hills. Conspicuously absent was Pitt's life-partner Angelina Jolie. Even more conspicuous was the absence of Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, with whom Pitt and Grey created the production company Plan B in 2002.

Brad Grey is now CEO of Paramount Pictures and has been since 2005, but a few years before he took over at the studio, he managed Pitt and Aniston's business venture. After Pitt and Aniston split, Pitt and Grey moved the company to the Paramount lot and continued on without Aniston. Still, the Friends actress was and is a good friend of the Hollywood mogul so it's a bit surprising she wouldn't attend his wedding ... except that her ex was there ... which leads us to believe publicists and handlers were involved ... and a phone call or two from Grey to his two A-list pals ...

You think Jen was worried she'd run into Angelina since she knew Brad would be there? Or would running into Brad be uncomfortable enough? Our vote goes for a carefully orchestrated dis-invitation on the part of Grey to Aniston and a really nice gift from David Orgell sent by Aniston to Grey with regrets.

Other guests at the star-studded event included Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Check out the video!