chrishems4602.jpgDavid Slijper/GQ Australia

chrishemscover230.jpg Chris Hemsworth graces the cover of GQ Australia, and the hunky Thor star chats about his new film and getting to work with some of Hollywood's hottest actors.

“Going from kissing Natalie Portman to working with Anthony Hopkins — the whole experience was like, ‘What the f*** am I doing here?’ But in a good way. It literally seemed like last week I was still working on Home and Away,” he tells the mag. "There was as much character work on this as there would be on a little independent film. So, [I felt] very fortunate in that sense."

“You get the part, sign the contract and start to realize millions of people follow this guy and know more about your character than you do,” Chris continued. “It’s existed for 50 years or something and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh f***, there’s a lot of people waiting here to say that’s right, or that’s wrong.’ So it’s a funny thing to walk into. Not often do you approach a character where people know more about him than you do.”

Can't wait to check out his buff biceps on the big screen May 6! Click after the jump for another hot shot of the actor...