Chuck Liddell fighter custody battle  family hat uggs son

While the family looks calm here, Chuck Liddell is facing major allegations he "kidnapped" 12-year-old son Cade.

On March 27, Liddell's ex, Lori Geyer, called the police claiming her ex kidnapped their son. The MMA fighter picked up Cade from his Colorado home on March 23, and told Lori he would be spending time with him in Colorado, according to TMZ.

But on March 27, Geyer claims she got a call from Liddell's attorney, telling her Cade was in California with his dad, and would remain there until their custody hearing. The attorney also told her Cade wanted to stay in California with his dad.

Liddell is currently seeking full custody of his son. A hearing is set for Tuesday in Colorado.