Dina Lohan was all smiles standing next to Carvel Ice Cream's mascot Fudgie the Whale while the two were promoting ProticaCares healthy eating program in Long Island.

The healthy program has been created to teach kids the importance of balancing a healthy diet while occasionally enjoying sweet treats ... like Carvel Ice Cream.

Dina Lohan, a longtime fan of Carvel, was on hand at Long Island Elementary School to kick off the program. Carvel Ice Cream has agreed to send a variety of their tasty cakes to a different children's hospital or U.S. grade schools every week for the next 75 years.

ProticaCares released the following statement:

    "2010 was a very good year for Protica, so I wanted to do something that speaks to the mission of the company – to enhance life through nutrition – and do it in a way that teaches our children about healthy diets and lifestyles."

In our interview with Lindsay's mom, she talks about bad eating habits ... like eating too much fast food. Dina tells X17online exclusively:

    "My kids eat it. They drive me once a week, and I'm like, you can't eat this. Even those establishments are making healthy choices for kids, at those fast food places, but it's really important to exercise and good health ... and just being aware."

During the interview, listen to what Ms. Lohan says about her experience with fast food while growing up.

Watch the crazy promotional spot for the campaign in which Dina tries her hand at wrestling ... after the jump.