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After watching a preview of ProticaCares Sweet Treats Giveaway video campaign, we now know why it's not smart to mess with Dina Lohan!

Lindsay's mom and former pro wrestler Bill Kazmaier star in this online campaign aiming to educate kids about healthy eating habits, and the two get into a wrestling match. The reward for practicing good nutrition ... sweet treats! Dina's favorite ice cream company, Carvel, is the focus of the campaign including the coveted Carvel Black Card.

Carvel Black Cards, allowing the owners to enjoy free products from the company, were given to 75 celebrities to commemorate the ice cream chain's 75th anniversary. Lindsay Lohan is one of the celebrities who received a card. Lucky girl!.

Now we see where Lindsay gets her great sense of humor! Find out what Lilo recently tweeted about being at home with mom on the East Coast ... after the jump.