emmascream4skype.jpgEmma Roberts has revealed in a new interview that she auditioned for her role in Scream 4 over Skype.

Roberts recalls arriving at Wes Craven's home for the audition only to find that the director wasn't there. The 20-year-old actress says, "I get to his house and they told me it would be on Skype, which was so strange because his assistant was there, his casting director was there and he's there on a laptop. I just went for it and I actually found out later that day that I got the movie and I was off to shoot two weeks later. It was the fastest job I've ever gotten."

So what did Craven think of the starlet? He tells Newsweek that Roberts nailed the audition, and it had nothing to do with her Oscar-winning aunt. “The whole thing with Julia, whom I’ve met, never occurred to us beyond the fact it’s interesting she’s her niece," he says.