Paltrow230.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has signed on to be the new face of Coach, the star tells Women's Wear Daily.

She'll start appearing in ads in September, marking the brand's 70th anniversary.

But, between her just-released cookbook, a new website, collaborations, appearances on Glee, movies and a possible album, 2011 has been quite the year for Gwyn. Is the star worried about overexposure in the U.S.? Her Coach ads will run in Asia and Europe, but not on American soil.

Even so, Gwyn says Coach is an iconic American label. "I grew up in New York City and I've always thought of Coach as the quintessential New York brand," she says. "I'll never forget getting my first Coach bag."

Gwyn appeared on E!'s Chelsea Lately Monday night to promote her cookbook, My Father's Daughter, but while there she also discussed another family member, her grandmother, and things got dirty!

See what nasty word Gwyn called her grandma on the show after the jump!