A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has granted Howard K. Stern the title deeds to Anna Nicole Smith's house, which is currently occupied by Smith's former partner Larry Birkhead and their 4-year-old daughter Dannielynn. Stern is the executor of Smith's will, and it's not known how this will affect Birkhead's living arrangements, but there weren't any objections to Stern's petition.

Stern stated in court documents, "Petitioner believes that the Decedent's intent in transferring title to the Corporation was to protect her privacy, and that she inadvertently used the Corporation as the entity to do so rather than establishing a new entity for the purpose of owning the Home." Stern noted that since Smith’s death, "the Estate has made all mortgage, utility and hazard insurance payments on the Home."

Dannielynn was just a few weeks old when her mother died of an accidental drug overdose, and she is the sole beneficiary of Smith's estate. Smith bought the house in April 2005, and she then transferred ownership to a company she owned, which was thought to be a move to protect her privacy.